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Duke of Wellington - Waterloo Quay

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The Duke of Wellington. Victor of the Battle of Waterloo. Wearer of snazzy boots.  Namesake of the coolest little capital in the world.

What is less well known about the Duke, is that after a long day on the battlefield, he enjoyed a nice bevy and a hearty meal, in the company of interesting and beautiful people.

Indeed, just after he splashed up onto the shores of Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara in 1787, having taken a wrong turn at the Cape of Good Hope on his way to India, he was heard to utter, “Forsooth! I could really go for a local brew and a nice pie right now!”*

So to honour the old Duke, on the very spot that he first landed in what would become Wellington,** we’ve created The Duke of Wellington Gastro Pub. We’ll provide an array of lovely, local bevies and delicious, hearty meals, for you to enjoy, in stylish, warm and welcoming surroundings. You just need to gather a few of your most interesting and beautiful friends and head on down to see us.

*After extensive research, we have found absolutely no proof that any of this occurred. But then again, there’s no proof that it didn’t…

**Again, no actual proof either way…

Duke of Wellington

29 Waterloo Quay


04-803 0619

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