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SOS is excited to introduce the Universal Voucher, which gives customers the opportunity to redeem voucher credit using the inKind app at any business across our 2000+ strong network.


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Universal Voucher Redemption Process

What is SOS Business?

SOS = Spend On Small.

The SOS platform was originally built to help the small businesses in our area to try to mitigate the disastrous consequences of Covid-19. We have had great impact in helping small business stay alive in unknown times.
Now that the economy is recovering, we still recognise the need for NZ to shop local and spend on small

SOS has innovated over the last 12 months and has introduced the SOS Universal Voucher. Cashless and forward thinking, the app is powered by the inKind app, and continues to act as the agents for the businesses still in need of your support.

You used to offer vouchers for specific businesses - how does the new universal system work?

The SOS Universal Voucher unlocks access to all 2500+ businesses across our national network. Simply search for the business you want to redeem at and enter the appropriate $ amount when presented with the bill.

You can also still purchase individual vouchers.

What app do I need to download for the Universal Voucher?

The SOS Universal Voucher requires the inKind app to be redeemed.

Simply download the app and input your account information to start redeeming your voucher credit today!

When will I get the Universal Voucher? What is it?

When you pay, you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions on accessing your credit through the inKind app.

Once you have downloaded the inKind app, please create an account using the same email address from purchase.

Your credit will be automatically waiting for you on the app once you log in!

I want to send a Universal Voucher as a gift, how do I do that?

When you select which tier you would like to purchase, you will be given the option to send the Universal Voucher as a gift. The recipient will then be sent an email with instructions on how to claim their gift!

If you have your own Universal Voucher, you can also send a gift directly from the app by clicking the yellow "giftbox" icon on the bottom of your screen.

When does my Universal Voucher expire?

All voucher credit should  be  redeemed  at  a  participating business  within twenty-four  (24)  months  of  the  Original  Purchase  Date,  after  which  date  the credit may  expire. 

A restaurant I’m eating at is meant to accept my universal voucher, but they are telling me that they haven’t heard of this app before, only a paper voucher--what happens now?

Every business in the SOS network is obligated to accept your Universal Voucher. If you have had trouble redeeming your credit, please contact our customer support team so that we can address the issue.

What happens if a business I bought a voucher for goes bust?

Yep, that is a fair concern. Given none of us can predict the future, that is a risk you take when buying a voucher. Given we are agents for the businesses, it will be up to them to work with you in the scenario that they cannot fulfil their voucher.

Our strong advice is that you should ensure you are happy to take this risk before you complete the transaction. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions here for more detail.

I still have a $25 paper voucher from earlier in the year I’d like to redeem - am I able to add that value to the $100 of credit on my new SOS app account?

While your paper voucher is still valid, unfortunately we cannot combine values. 

What about regular SOS vouchers--how do I receive those?

When you pay, you will receive 2 emails. The first is an order confirmation email. The second is a receipt with a unique order number on it - that becomes your voucher.

Print it out, or bring it on your phone to the establishment you bought it for after this is all over, and they will accept it then.

Will I get a physical/tangible voucher mailed to me?

No, this is an e-voucher system. We will not be mailing out physical or tangible vouchers. And let's face it, it's a lot more environmentally friendly anyway. 

How do I use regular SOS vouchers?

If you have a voucher code for a specific business, then just show it to them when you order in person (either on your phone, or you can print out the voucher).

If you have a 'Gift Card' then check out this page

I want to send a voucher to a friend/family etc, how do I do this?

When you purchase a voucher, you will receive your voucher code in an email almost immediately. This is a unique code that you can forward in email to your friend/family.  

How long will are regular SOS vouchers valid?

Until 6 months after you bought it.

I purchased a voucher but haven't received a voucher email

Please follow these troubleshooting steps:

1. Check your junk folder. If you are using a hotmail address this is most likely in your junk folder. If you are using a gmail or yahoo address, it may be in your promotions tab or junk folder depending on your spam filters. 

2. Did you spell your email correctly at checkout? 

How much of the money goes to the businesses?

All of it, less the credit card fees. There is no-one trying to make money here, just save these businesses, and as above, we are agents working on behalf of the businesses.

Credit card fees below:

Shopify Payments 2.0% + 30c
POLi 0% 


How do I know this is legit?

It is - this has been set up by a few concerned people in the community. No credit card details are held by us. The site is hosted by Shopify, the payments go through Shopify Payments or Paypal. 

Are you a charity?

No we are not a registered charity. We are a registered company (company, SOS Business Ltd). There are no profits from the voucher sales – all the proceeds from the vouchers go directly to the cafes, restaurants etc. All the overheads and other costs are being covered by our company. 

I have a business I'd like to support who isn't listed - how can I do that?

Please contact them and let them know about us, or go to this page and tell us about them. We will try to contact them and if they want, we will add them.

I want to buy a gift card for a restaurant or café in Australia – can I do that?

Absolutely! We are partnered with another fantastic not-for-profit initiative across the Tasman – Save Hospitality. It operates in an almost identical way to SOS Business, with the exception being that to redeem your credit you need to download a free app called inKind, rather than getting a voucher via email. Save Hospitality has hundreds of Australian hospitality businesses signed up, and you can nominate additional ones, if the one you’re looking for isn’t there. You can also gift your credit to somebody else to use – handy if your favourite auntie lives in Oz. Visit to get started.