Buying Universal Vouchers for a large group?

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Buy Universal Vouchers and Gift Cards

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We are now encouraging our loyal customers to purchase Universal Vouchers instead of gift cards.

With the Universal Voucher, you no longer need to input a gift card code to purchase individual vouchers on our website. Instead, visit any of our businesses to directly redeem credit with the click of a button on the inKind app.

Universal Vouchers allow you to use the inKind app as a digital wallet at spend at ANY of the 2,500 SOS businesses! 

You can also directly gift voucher credit to anyone in New Zealand!

Read more about how to redeem credit with the Universal Voucher here.


What if I still want a regular Gift Card?

Gift cards are no longer for sale. If you do have an unexpired gift card, you can follow the instructions below:

Gift Cards are like credit on the website - you use them to buy a voucher. NB you cannot claim a Gift Code directly with a business; you need to 'buy' a voucher using the Gift Code. This is so we can track back who to pay! 

1 - Find a cafe or business on sosbusiness

2 - Choose the voucher amount you'd like, and checkout

3 - When you checkout, click the link to 'Add a discount code or a gift card'

4 - Enter the Gift Code number you have been given, and 'Apply'

5 - This will discount the amount, and you can now finalise the transaction.



  • You can use the code to buy multiple items up to total
  • If there is a balance left when you buy the voucher(s), you can use it again up until the expiration date