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Vendor Portal

Our vendor portal allows you to see information on your voucher sales and payments. 

Setting up

1 - Navigate to  PLEASE CHECK you are going to the correct URL. This is NOT the same page as the main SOS Business site.

If you have never set up a password with us, then PLEASE do not skip this step: click on the text at the bottom "Don't have an account? Sign up now"

Yes we know you have already registered your business, but we didn't get a password from people who set up in the first few weeks of operations, so we need you to set up a user profile (username and password) so we can link it to your business and secure your information. 90% of the support calls we are getting is because people are skipping this step - please don't!

2 - You'll be asked to verify your account. PLEASE USE THE EMAIL ADDRESS that you gave us on registration, and click 'Send verification code'.

3 - In a few minutes, you will receive an email with a verification code to add to the system. If you do not receive it, please check your junk folder. Enter this code into the box AND press the 'Verify' button.

When you press verify it will look like this:

4 - You'll also need to set up a new password; please make sure you remember it. It will need to be a mix of letters and numbers.

Main page

5 - When you've logged in, you will see the main screen which shows you the information we have on file for you

6 - At the bottom of the page you will be asked to confirm that you agree to our terms and conditions. Most of you have done this at sign-up but we ask that you reconfirm this.

Payments Page

7 - Clicking on the 'Payments' area will show you a list of the bank payments we have made into your account

Vouchers Page

8 - Clicking on the 'Vouchers' area will show you a list of the vouchers we have sold on your behalf, with all the details we have about the voucher.

We are included the customer name and their email address, but at the end you will also noticed a field called 'Marketing' - if this is 'No' then the customer has not agreed to received marketing so we ask that you respect this in your interactions with them.

There is a 'Donation' flag which indicates if this transaction is in fact a donation to you rather than a voucher purchase.

You can use the 'Redeem' button to track when a voucher has been redeemed.


9 - On both the Payment and Voucher screen you can download a file in CSV format of what you are seeing on screen.

Help and Support

If you are having issues with the Portal, we ask that you re-read these instructions first. The most common issues are listed here.

Known issues

  • When you download a CSV, if you open it in Excel, some of the number fields will be formatted strangely - you can reformat these as "Number' if required.

The portal is saying 'my email doesn't exist' when I log in?

Please re-read the instructions above - you likely missed Step 1 where you register for the portal. You have to do this seperately than having your business on the site (so we can set up the password for you).

This is the most common error - so please re-read these instructions if it is happening to you.

Didn't get verification code

Please wait for at least 5 minutes for the code to be emailed to you. Check also that you are using the same email address we have for you (the one we send messages to).

Can't remember my password

You can re-set your password on the log in screen.

I seem to log in but just see a blank screen

Click on the button on the top right and choose 'Log Out'. If this still happens, please clear the cookies in your browser and try again.

Other issues

If it is a different issue or these solutions don't work, please email '' and we will help.