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Google My Business

To help you raise awareness of your SOS listings, we have partnered up with Google in their rollout of support links.

If you use Google My Business, you may be able to add your SOS voucher links to your Business Profile on Google. 

This will help you to be more discoverable nation-wide and make it easier for customers and supporters to find you. This will work in Google search, and soon in Google Maps.

1 - Firstly, grab the URL (web address) to your voucher site. The best way to do that is go to and search for your business:

2 - Click on your business name when it pops up:

3 - And when you get to your webpage, copy the 'URL' (address) from the top menu:

4 - Now log in to Google My Business. If you have multiple locations, open the location you'd like to manage.

5 - From the menu, click Posts and choose "COVID-19 support". (Alternatively, click “Get support from customers” directly on the Google My Business home page.) 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't see a link for 'COVID-19 Support' then try again in a day or so as you may be waiting to be set up.

6 - Enter a message to customers and then paste in the link you copied in Step 3. It will look like this:

7 - To save your changes, click Post.

You can Learn more about posting your SOS link to your Business Profile on Google and find out if your business may be eligible.