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Corporate Deals

Gift Codes for Corporates and Large Organisations

SOS Business is a not-for profit initiative that provides a way for Kiwis to buy vouchers from their favourite NZ businesses to help them with the cash they need now. SOS Business also makes it easy for larger organisations to support our smaller NZ businesses to help with their recovery.

Let's make a difference!

Join other corporates who are using this opportunity to support small NZ businesses by buying SOS Gift Cards to gift to staff or customers instead of traditional staff rewards or campaigns. Be part of NZ's economic recovery by supporting these smaller businesses today!

How other organisations are using Corporate Gift Cards 

$5 Gift Cards as a way of providing a coffee for virtual attendees to online events/workshops or as a lead/engagement incentives to digital events

$100 Gift Cards to give away to customers or segments of customers as prizes, promos, thank you etc

$5 Gift Cards as a way of providing a Coffee Shout for staff on a Friday (particularly with teams working remotely or across the country)

$50 Gift Cards as a way of rewarding or incentivising staff 

$100 Gift Cards to give away to customers through a social media campaign/promo

$10 Gift Cards for coffee and scones for staff attending Zoom meetings

How do corporate gift cards work?

  • Purchase 10 or more SOS Gift Cards
  • Gift to staff or customers
  • Recipient redeems Gift Card for a voucher at their chosen local cafe, restuarant or business at
  • Local cafe, restaurant or business receives the full value of the voucher
  • An admin fee will apply to help cover our costs (5%)

Get in touch!

Let's talk about how SOS Gift Cards could work for your organisation, so that we can make an impact for your staff, customers and our small Kiwi Businesses who need us!