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Willi's Kitchen - Te Aro

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Willi's Kitchen has started back in 2017 and it has grown within the Wellington community. The business has started to bloom and we will not want it to die by all means. As Covid 19 has hit the global economy hard as well as New Zealanders, our small business has definitely felt the hit of the effects. To be able to keep our dreams alive as well as securing jobs for our staff and most importantly for us as well (since our family relies heavily on the business as the main income); it is time for us to reach out for help. This campaign is designed to collect some funds for us to help with our cashflow during the lockdown period, as well as prepare for the worst to come. We hope you guys could help us small business owners to get through this tough time, so we can continue to pursue our dream and continue to serve to the community


108 Manners Street, Te Aro. Wellington

Tel : 021 1916060