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Chillout Café, Ponsonby - Grey Lynn

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Who Are We? ​ We are a husband and wife led café, who believe in creating a physical space where people can come together over good food and fantastic coffee just to chill out. ​ What Inspired The Founding of The Chillout Café? ​ We are very passionate about Hospitality. Both of our founders have had amazing and fulfilling careers working in this field, with Julie having worked in 5-star hotels and Eric having at least seven years of experience working as a professional chef under his belt. They just wanted something of their own that embodied both of their values when it came to their respective careers, hence the birth of The Chillout Café. ​ What Inspired The Name “Chillout” For The Café? ​ In this fast-paced world of ours, we often forget to have moments just to take a breather, be present, and chill out. As perfectionists ourselves, we value hard work and have the utmost respect for it. And frankly, when you’re trying to make your way in the world *as many of us are*, it’s hard to make time for just you and sometimes you don’t even know where to start. That is why we are here! ​ However, due to the COVID-19 circumstance, we are temporarily unable to do what we do best. So, for now, we are only able to offer our customers coupons for when we can chill out with you once again! If you're reading this, we very much look forward to having you after lockdown! Follow us @chilloutponsonby for more updates!

38, Ponsonby Road Grey Lynn, Auckland

Tel : 09 360 1800